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Release Notes – TallyPrime Release 2.1

You can count on us for a delightful journey with TallyPrime as we work to enhance the product with new features such as Edit Log that helps youkeep a trail of every activity performed in transactions and masters to help you have a much better control over your Company data.

With Release 2.1, we are giving you the flexibility to choose between the following products:

  • TallyPrime Edit Log: If your business needs to track all activities for a better internal control, or statutory requirements like Audit Trail, mandated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), India, from April 1, 2022. Edit Log cannot be disabled in this product.
  • TallyPrime: If you want to maintain trails for internal audit purposes or view the logs intermittently, you can leverage the Edit Log facility in your day-to-day business operations.
    By default, TallyPrime will not track activities and modifications in your transactions and masters. You can enable or disable Edit Log, when needed.

Furthermore, the facility of digital signature will help you digitally sign and authenticate your documents with great ease. Thereafter, you can securely share them with your stakeholders. 

Highlights – TallyPrime and TallyPrime Edit Log Release 2.1

Introduction of Edit Log

The Edit Log in TallyPrime helps you keep a track of your financial data, as you can stay abreast of the activities and modifications in your transactions and masters.

With Edit Log in TallyPrime, you can:

  • Track all the activities performed in:

    • Transactions: All vouchers.
    • Masters: Stock items, ledgers, and accounting groups.
    • Company data: Migration, repair, import, split, and so on.
  • Gain information about the following aspects in the Edit Log screen:
    • Version number that captures the number of logs created for a particular transaction or master.
    • Nature of activity such as creation, alteration, and deletion.
    • The users who performed the activity.
    • Date and time at which the activity was performed.
  • Compare the details with the previous version by drilling down.
    Additionally, you can configure the comparison to view different types of values, for instance, altered values and configuration-based values
  • View altered and deleted:
    • Vouchers in Day Book and ledger vouchers reports.
    • Masters in Chart of Accounts.
  • Migrate data seamlessly, while retaining the report views saved in it.

What’s more!

Depending on the requirement of Edit Log in your business, you can choose between the two products:

  • TallyPrime Edit Log Release 2.1: It ensures that your Company meets all the compliance requirements of Audit Trail, as you cannot disable the feature.
  • TallyPrime Release 2.1: You can enable Edit Log, if needed, and track key activities. This will ensure that you have a control over actions such as alteration and deletion of vouchers and masters.

Add Digital Signature in PDF Documents

TallyPrime Edit Log Release 2.1 and TallyPrime Release 2.1 support dongle-based digital signatures. 

You can now seamlessly sign documents such as vouchers and reports while: 

  • Exporting documents as PDF.
  • E-mailing PDF documents.
  • Saving documents as PDF while printing.

Furthermore, you can add digital signature in a multi-voucher report, while ensuring that all the vouchers are digitally signed.

With digital signature, you can ensure authenticity and integrity and avoid impersonation and tampering of the PDF documents you share with your stakeholders, customers, auditors, and chartered accountants. 


What’s more! 

You can also print, export, or e-mail multi-voucher reports for a specific party and period.


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