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Product Roadmap - Tally ERP 9 Series C
This release will have deeper capabilities and functionality to help improve your retained income.

Technology & Capability Enhancements

Unlimited Volume Handling
The architecture will now support multiple database file servers. Users can read and write to any of these automatically. In the event of a server failure, users connected to this server will start working on the other server(s), without interruption. The failed server can be set right and reconnected – live – while the system is running. Data will be updated and users can re-connect to the server.

High Availability & Continuity System
Several technical capabilities in Series C will boost availability and business continuity. Live backups will be feasible without the need to shut down or even slow down operations. In the case of a disaster, simply pointing to the backup will give full restoration. Time-to-recover could be less than an hour!

Tally.ERP 9 will extend 'availability' to the product. Thus, the status (version and configuration) of connected systems in a deployment is automatically updated, without dependency on the IT department.

High Extendibility & Integrate-ability
Tally.ERP 9, from Series C onwards, becomes even more extendable with TDL.

The integration of Process Engines to the Data Exchange Servers will allow Tally.ERP 9 to be an 'integrated' client or server to any other application. This will be either through direct seamless interaction or through EAI buses.

Collaborative Commerce Engine using Tally.NET

To virtually 'extend' your business and stimulate commerce, Series C will include the ability to 'find' new suppliers and buyers who meet your criteria. As a corollary, your business can be 'discovered' by others too. Of course, interaction with your existing suppliers and buyers will be simplified. Transparency will reduce having to rely on their word: when actions are completed, you will know; if not, you will know!

Rule Based Access/Process/Workflow Configurations

The Workflow capabilities in Series C will boost efficiency in real, usable and practical ways. Dashboards, document links that can be mailed, 'on behalf of' activities, exception reporting and a security system that is as broad or granular as needed are just some of the capabilities planned.

This process will also follow our legendary 'incrementally implement' concept. Keeping the entire process light-weight and flexible means you will not require complex business process re-engineering to force-fit the way you work into a rigid workflow system.

Functional Enhancements

Publish-to-sell combining Payment Engine and Tally.NET
Collaborative commerce will get a further boost with publish-to-sell capabilities. In Series C, your products can be accessible by the entire Tally customer ecosystem.

As it will be integrated with our payment engine, it will allow people to make a purchase without the need for you to integrate a shopping cart and e-commerce engines. Even the finance flow and the PO into your system will be handled!

Field Force Automation

Mature connectivity, the workflow, and Tally.NET capabilities will combine with more widespread mobile computing to put the power of Tally.ERP 9 in the hands of your mobile workforce –sales, engineering and support.

Complex BoM and Materials Requirement Calculations
This Release will provide support for BoMs with tens of thousands of components, alternates, re-order & MOQ, multi-location warehouses, lead times, open POs, material in QA and in transit, to support the most complex material calculations that you will need. Coupled with the connected world of suppliers, we expect that BoM management, cost computation and projected timelines will ease your stocking problems and warehouse costs.
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